The Resume Resource

Assisting professionals for more than 15 years and trained in job search best practices, I can help you achieve your career goals. As your career development partner, I provide a variety of personalized services to make your job search less overwhelming and more successful.

I help job seekers in all industries:

♦  clarify their career goals
♦  target the right jobs
♦  articulate their unique value
♦  establish an online presence
♦  navigate the 2015 job market
♦  and win job interviews

There are a lot of job openings out there right now, but in the competitive 2015 job market you must position yourself effectively to attract the attention of hiring managers.  As a Professional Resume Writer, I know how to work within the parameters of the online Applicant Tracking System technology so that your resume will be flagged for review.

My clients typically have job interviews scheduled within 2 weeks of using their new resume and receive job offers with a substantial salary increase. The secret to their success? I take the time to get to know each of my clients and their individual career goals. I collaborate with my clients to design a professional resume that reflects their individuality and highlights the value they offer an employer, and then share the best job search techniques and tips on how to locate hidden job openings.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping someone get back to work or secure a job that they love! If you do not have multiple job interviews scheduled right now,  your resume is not doing its job. Contact me today to see how I can help you get hired quickly.

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